From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!

From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!
From My House..To Your House..Welcome!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cheap Glittery Skeleton And Skulls Halloween Decor!! Cute Pumpkin Idea!!

I went by the Dollar Tree the other day, and came across these cute lil Halloween Decor items. They were already pre-glittered,scary, and were only a buck! Similiar ones sell for a lot more at larger stores. And if you were to make them buying the skeleton, skulls, glitter, brushes would be a lot more than 3.00:) I just thought I share, I thought they were a GREAT deal and I love DEALS!!! No time, very LITTLE money, and REALLY cheap pratical Halloween decor:) Thanks for stopping by....
I came across this picture of my son's Halloween pumpkin from when he had his braces on, he made it for a contest at his orthodontist office a couple years ago, it brought back some cute memories and check out the braces on his pumpkin, made from pop can tabs:)Just thought I share I think its a Great idea for kids with braces...:)

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