From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!

From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!
From My House..To Your House..Welcome!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Cupcakes & Finished Costume Followup

We were invited to a Halloween party at my friends house last night. I made some cupcakes to take to the party. Simple cute cupcakes I think for Halloween. Just a devils food chocolate cake mix(bake according to directions). I then used black gel icing to write RIP on some milano cookies, great cookies for the tombstones I needed, and pushed the cookies down into the cupcakes. I crushed some chocolate oreo cookies, and sprinkled on top the iced cupcakes. I also added lil candy pumpkins to the cupcakes too. Really a simple lil project for Halloween. Here are some pictures of the cupcakes.
Remember the crowns and costume jewlery I was working on for my husband and I Halloween costumes for the party, here they are..... My husband and I dressed up for the party last night......He was Burger King and I was Dairy Queen:)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Party From The Past

Last year for Halloween I allowed my daughter to have a HALLOWEEN party, and with the economy and all last year, I told her we would have one but we would have to have a reasonable limit and stick to it. She really wanted to have another one this year, but we were unable to. I am happy to show you some of the party highlights from last year, alot of the props were purchased at Dollar Zone a Dollar store we had in our area. Also from Dollar General, all paper plate, napkins were from Dollar Tree and we had a cake made with a hand coming out of the ground you gotta see that!!! We made a great lil party, had hot dogs we roasted, and chips, and orange sherbert punch, which was AWESOME!!! All the girls got a pumpkin to decorate which was bought at pumpkin patch for 2 dollars each, can't complain:) Candy and the cutest handmade treat bags made from paper brown bags with some material glued onto the small bags were made and each gal got to fill her bag with candy from our lil candy buffet we had, so each girl took home their pumpkin they painted and their candy bags.We came up with some fun games too. I had a special prize for the best dressed costume too:) I have to admit last years sure was FUN!!!!
Come back this weekend to check out the costume I put together for my hubby and I to wear to a Halloween party Saturday night, and I will share the pictures from the party Monday, along with the cake I will be making, it is going to be a grave yard cake. I will also share other food pictures from the party, as everyone is to bring a Halloween covered dish. So come back Monday to check out all the pictures, and will all share in the spooky day together. What are your Halloween plans??? Please share I love hearing from all of you:)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Handmade Halloween Costume(The Start)

Hi everyone, I thought I share the start of the costumes I am makin for my husband and I for a costume party we got invited to Saturday. With money always tight in our home I was trying to think of something we could be for this party, without breaking the bank:) I researched and came up with an idea for him to be Burger King, and I am Dairy idea, but really inexpensive. I got 2 crowns one is already done from Burger King the other I wrapped with aluminum foil and added the DQ logo and some sparkle gel glue to appear as gems. Burger King gave me a few bags, fry boxes ,and the crowns, and DQ did too, so I have the items for free. The necklaces are to look like the big brooch necklaces that a king and queen wear, well I just cut out pictures from the bags and cups that were givin to me. The crowns are not done yet, I have to attach the mini whoppers on my husbands crown, and the mini ice cream cones from my crown. We will use robes, as are attire, with some fancy logos on them. Finishing up the crowns tonight, and printing out some large logos for the robes. I just wanted to share a little of what I got done last night. I really like the idea, and the non-cost to it, and I can't see buying a costume that you wear once. Just a sneak peak here are a few pictures... What are you going to be for Halloween?? I love to hear back:)your ideas and costume creations. The Mess-
The process a few items complete-
Come Back and See the finish project, and I will post a picture of us this weekend and party pictures. Every couple is suppose to bring a Halloween theme dish. I can not wait to see those. I am making a graveyard cake, or maybe graveyard cupcakes, I haven't decided between the cake or cupcakes. I do know my daughter is excited to help me make it, should be lots of fun..........Thanks for visiting and come back!!!! :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Stuffed Pepper Soup

I made a new soup over the weekend, called stuffed pepper soup, taste just like stuffed peppers:) YUMMY!!! Thought I share the recipe with you all. 1 lb ground beef(brown and drained)..I use about a pound and a half in my soup we like hamburger... 4-6 cups of green peppers(3 really large peppers) 28oz canned diced tomatoes 28oz can of tomatoe sauce 2 cups water 1/2 cup of brown sugar 1 and 1/2 cups of cooked rice( I use minute rice) 2 teaspoon of salt 1/2 teaspoon pepper ...mix all ingredients in crockpot EXCEPT the rice...... Cover and cook in crockpot for 4 hours in crock pot I would cook at least 2 hours on high so that peppers are nice and soft and cooked throughly... After peppers are cooked add rice and continue to cook on high for 20-30 minutes longer... recipe could be made on stovetop; cook for around 50 minutes add rice and cook an additional 10 minutes All Done it was a big hit at our house this weekend. We had family over and it makes a ton of soup, feed all are guest and we had left over for the next day........ Here is a few pictures of me and the soup......
Enjoy.please don't forget to come back and sign up for my monthly drawing giveaways I have, November giveaway will be a gift card, and congrats to nooren the winner of my fall candle giveaway.......Have A Great Day!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Giveaway Winner!!!

Sorry, I didn't get this posted yesterday. The winner of the fall candle is...noreen said... Google friend connect
Thanks to all who entered my giveaway..lucky number #7 according to who picked that number. Please contact me Noreen with your mailing address so I can get your candle sent out. Be sure to come back next month for my gift card giveaway starts November 1st and will run through the 21st,just in time for some Holiday shopping. So be sure to come back and enter:)Happy Day My Blogging Friends............

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cheap Halloween Pictures

I took some ugly print pictures I got on clearence for .99 cents and decided to turn them into some cheap Halloween Pictures. I had everything on hand, and thought why not....I painted the 2 pictures a black, which I always seem to have black paint on hand:) I had to put several coats of paint on to cover the print on the picture, and let dry and just placed some Halloween scrapbooking pictures stickers all over the painted prints. I am NOT one to spend a lot of money , tight budget over at this bloggers home, but I managed to try and come up with something to make:) I know its not that fancy, but it is 1 up from that well thought I share have a wonderful day. Please don't forget to sign up for my candle giveaway, it ends this Friday........

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Handmade Treat Bags

I was thinking of something to put and share on my blog, I try to come up with inexpensive ideas, or post that are simple when it comes to the crafting and cooking department. I decided to share these cute lil inexpensive treat bags. They are small brown bags you can find at any craft store, I added a self stick double sided sticker to seal the bag, you really do NOT need to add the sticker,you could just fold them, and they would be just fine. I cut along the top of the bag with my scrapbooking fancy scissors, and then take a piece of any material and cut into pieces I used a Halloween print for these bags, but you could use any print for any party:) Glue your material you cut out and place on the bag, and they are DONE! A really cheap, handmade treat bag,I thought I would share to my bloggin friends.....Take A look at the pictures.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ghost Craft!! Cute, Easy Ghost To Make.....

I made this cute lil ghost from some tea-stained cheese cloth. I took a section of cheese cloth and put it in a sauce pan with tea. I let it soak, and removed and let dry out. I then took a small styrofoam ball and a long slim stick pushes the stick into the ball. I put a lil brown paint on my stick or you could use stain, and smear the paint around on the stick(use a glove)let dry :) I took the tea stained cheese cloth and placed over the ball and stick, and tied with a piece of twine. I then took a black magic marker and drew the face, and made a lil BOO sign out of a pice of muslin, you could use a brown bag and cut out a small piece for the BOO sign too, and safety pin it on to the ghost, and he is now done. A really cute primitive looking ghost, really inexpensive to make, and looks great stuck in your fall mums, or in any of your Halloween decor:)Hope you like here are the pictures:)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Picture

I had an old picture with a really not so pretty picture on it, so I was trying to come up with an idea to use what I have and make something for Halloween, so I came up with a pumpkin picture, from some black glitter paint and left over orange srpay paint from a sign my kids made, as their school colors are orange and brown, Go Colts:) Anyways I spray painted the old picture orange, and found a stencil there are tons of free stencils available online. And painted the pumpkin on and the glitter paint wasn't the greatest but it sure did look pretty with the sparkle it gave from the black paint, and last but not least I took a black spider and placed using glue spots onto the picture too. Not bad and didn't cost anything really, lil time, and left over supplies. Thanks for stopping by, and please follow along. I enjoy havin you all:)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween tags! So cute!

I just wanted to share some tags I won a few months back, and are they ever cute. I won them from an etsy shop, I could pick something out and these were right up my alley with Halloween coming up I decided to give them to my card club friends with a piece of candy attached to the back. I just love them, don't you just love them??? Well here is a picture....
Check out my present I wrapped for my card club secret sister present, I glued little cut out pumpkins to the wrapping:)
My favorite thing I am enjoying today..........reading my fall LIVING Martha Stewart magazine.........:)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cheap Glittery Skeleton And Skulls Halloween Decor!! Cute Pumpkin Idea!!

I went by the Dollar Tree the other day, and came across these cute lil Halloween Decor items. They were already pre-glittered,scary, and were only a buck! Similiar ones sell for a lot more at larger stores. And if you were to make them buying the skeleton, skulls, glitter, brushes would be a lot more than 3.00:) I just thought I share, I thought they were a GREAT deal and I love DEALS!!! No time, very LITTLE money, and REALLY cheap pratical Halloween decor:) Thanks for stopping by....
I came across this picture of my son's Halloween pumpkin from when he had his braces on, he made it for a contest at his orthodontist office a couple years ago, it brought back some cute memories and check out the braces on his pumpkin, made from pop can tabs:)Just thought I share I think its a Great idea for kids with braces...:)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Giveaway Time!!!

Good Morning all my bloggin friends. I was hoping to have this giveaway posted on the 1st of October which was Saturday. However, with a memorial service that day, my daughter had a tri meet for volleyball, and 2 teens with projects to get done this weekend, I had no time to get it posted. So now it is going up. As you know I recently went to the Backwoods Festival in Thornville, Ohio. It is a great big huge craft show just held in the woods with awesome food, entertainment and crafts galore:) I picked up this lil gift to give away on my blog for October and with it being fall like weather here in Ohio I just love it. It is a Autumn Harvest candle with fillings. It smells GREAT!!!!!I hope ya like, and comment below to win....Please leave a separate comment for each thing that you do.......1. To win just become a follower of my blog At Home With Michelle 1- entry. 2. Follow me on twitter user name is mnmomof2inohio 1-entry 3. Blog, or tweet about the giveaway- 1 entry. That is all you have to do!!! Make sure to leave all comments in the comment section below. Giveaway open to US residents ONLY!! Thank You!!! Thanks for stopping by today. GIVEAWAY WILL RUN TILL OCTOBER 21ST. WITH WINNER ANNOUNCED LATER THAT DAY!!!!!!!