From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!

From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!
From My House..To Your House..Welcome!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Blog Giveaway Directory

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I am so happy to have my first giveaway on my blog, I will be giving away a $20 dollar gift card to Target. I love that store! All you have to do is become a new follower, and leave a comment that you did and you will be entered. If you are already a follower, leave a comment that your a current follower and note about my giveaway on your blog and you too will be entered. I will use to pick the winner. The drawing will end on April 8th next Friday. Be sure and send a friend and I hope you Win!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I was featured..........:)

I was Featured........can you say happy:)I am glad some fellow bloggers took note of my pizza cassarole, and the bunnies I made..:)

Easy Meatloaf Recipe

I was thinking of what to make for supper yesterday, so I thought I got some things on hand, I will throw together a meatloaf, nothing fancy, just plain ole meatloaf, I don't get into all the fancy items one may put in there meatloaf. I stick to the basic and with 2 picky teens nothing fancy is just what they like, they seem to love my basic meatloaf. So I think I will stick to my basic easy meatloaf, as it is a hit with my family.:)

Basic Easy Meatloaf

2 and half pds lean ground beef

small pepper and some onion (depending on how much you like)

2 eggs

1 package ( as in package I mean 1 of the 4 that come in the box) of regular saltine crackers adding a few more if necessary-I have used Ritz crackers too and that is also good

ketchup after I have my mixture mix together I add ketchup and mix it in too

After you place in pan form out your meatloaf mixture, I use baking pan not loaf pans thats just me I then add bacon on top (optional)

You can add strips of bacon on top to flavor into your meatloaf, however I did not have any when making my meatloaf this time so I had to pass by that ingredient this time

So I take my meat, pepper, onion mix together then add crackers and mix together, and eggs and mix, and then pour ketchup all over top, mix together. After you put in your baking pan and form your meatloaf add a lil ketch up on top. Bacon too if you have it :) I also add ketch up after it is done cooking on top our family likes ketchup on everything, and serve

Trust me your hands will be messy all through this recipe..:)

Bake at 350, for about 2 hours, depending on your stove.

There you have it my quick, throw together meatloaf I made, nothing fancy, but it sure was good.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring/Easter Picture Frames

I decided to take advantage of the buy 1 frame get the 2nd frame half off at my local Family Dollar Store. I thought I would sand, paint, wipe, paint, and lightly sand again, to make some spring picture frames for my card club friends. I went and printed free printables of Spring and Easter for the frames, that way my friends could change to print they wanted. I cut some scrapbooking paper to make the back part to cover the gaps and add some touch of color. I think making the frames was fun, and a neat gift to give to my card club. The lil project was really inexpensive too....

I had 8 frames at 4 for a dollar and the other 4 were half off making them 50 cents.

Paint was free it was from Lowes free paint sample giveaway from Valspar, you can pick out any color and they send you a sample, roller, tray, and a coupon. You are only allowed 1 per household, if you have a large family, lol... I just had samples sent to some of my closest family, so I have 4 samples, :)

And I bought a one dollar package of scrapbook paper from Target in there one dollar bin for the backround of my pictures to add color.

And I found free printables for the frames, free now I love that and they were really cute.

This project was so inexpensive, and makes great gifts for anyone to have, you can make inexpensive gift for practically nothing, and have fun putting your own touches on it.

I hope you like the frames, use your imagination and try one yourself, make for any occasion, and it really is a cheap gift, and can be made and put together by you.

I thank you for stopping by, and hope you will follow my blog, please send a friend to come too and check out my blog. Thanks ........

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Linky Parties for Sunday

Check out the Linky Parties for Sunday. I am working on some picture frames that I am giving away to my friends at the card club I am in. I think they are gonna turn out really cute, and super cheap to make. Family Dollar has frames on sale untill today for buy 1 get 1 half off. I bought the $1 frames and got the 2nd for 50 cents. They should be done tomorrow, I do have 7 to get done, plus I might make a couple more for a couple of my other friends. Will share when finished. :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Decorating For Easter

I thought after freezing at my sons track meet all morning, I would decorate for Easter in my nice warm house this afternoon, it was sooooooo cold I did not want to go back out the rest of the day....I do not have a lot of decorations for Easter, I only put up a few items here and there, I get most from garage sales, but I thought I share what I do have. I picked up a few new things though at Kohls, and I like decoratin outside and my lil tree I decorate. I try to do the best with what I have and can afford. I will not spend tons of money on my home to make it look like it came out of a Pottery Barn, Home and Garden, etc.. magazine. I like what I have and use it the best I know how. I found that through blogging I find other fellow bloggers that share inexpensive ways to decorate. You can make your own thats what I did.. I made my wreath for under 5 bucks, and some styrofoam bunnies really cheap, and had fun making them. Its not all the fancy items in your home its the family that makes the home.:) Thanks for taking the time to stop by and would love to have you follow me, and send a friend too......

Linky Parties for Saturday

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Joli my daughter's surgery at Children's Hospital....

My lil girl is home and is asleep as I type, It was a rough day for her yesterday but she is a real trooper.My daughter was having immune problems, and chronic infections, fever, headaches, well,she had blockage and the blockage was causing bacteria and would make her sick, she was on antibiotics all the time not getting better, or would get better and come back again.She was excited to get the surgery because she said I will feel better, that is what she told our pastor and others when they asked or told her not to be afraid. I am glad that she has so much Faith in Our Lord, she is such a good girl. I love her so much. The surgery took a lot longer than they thought but she was strong. She cried and I wiped tears for an hour in recovery, and I wish as a mom I could take her pain away. I am thankful for the prayers from my facebook friends and all my friends in blog world that may have prayed. She has slept a lot today, and really has not ate, but she is home, and happpy to be in her bed,with her dog Winnie near by :) and loves all the hugs I keep giving her:)Tomorrow I would like to share the rabbits I made over the weekend from styrofoam. They turned out really cute. Please come back and visit, and send a friend. I so need some followers.

My daughter a lil loopy in picture, and barely a smile but I think I see a partial one, and the other picture is my daughter with me

Monday, March 21, 2011

Off to Childrens Hospital, Daughter is having surgery.

I just want to let my blogging friends and anyone else know, that prayers are needed for us this afternoon, my daughter, is having surgery at Children's Hospital later today. We have seen alot of that place:( She will be having surgery to remove some blockage, this should help with the infections. She said to our pastor who stopped to visit her last night when she asked Joli are you afraid? And she said "No", I am excited because I know it is going to make me feel better. I was happy to hear her be so positive. I being the adult and mom, need to put my worries aside and think just like this 12 year old girl. Our family is strong in our Faith, we know God will be watching over her today......
My Beautiful Daughter Joli

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Easter Wreath!!!

Hey thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did. My daughter and I have been working and finished a Easter wreath we made. We are going to begin a design of some rabbits that are so cute, but I have to finish getting the supplies.It was perfect to make with my daughter, it is very easy:) I love spending time with her, and she likes making things with me. Time sure does fly by and I want to have and spend as much time as possiable with her. Here is our wreath.........Take and measure 2 pieces of sturdy cardboard, we did our wreath at 14 inches x 9 inches center circle,and cut out,glued both pieces together- to make sturdy:) and then began adding eggs all the way around cardboard, we then did another layer on inside with them facing outward (visiable in picture) we glued all eggs in place using glue gun, and then we took 8 eggs and placed on top 2 eggs apart on top layer, we then added grass we got grass that matched our bow. Placed all the grass in the spaces using the tops of pencils to push the grass down into the areas, it really wedges down in there Perfectly. Make sure to leave room for your bow, and we trimmed the grass, and added our bow, and ta-da it was done. Very Cheap to make, and you could use any eggs that catch your eye they have so many design now. Well I hope you like and come back anytime:)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Meeting Kirk Cameron!!!

Over this past weekend my husband and I had the privilage to go to Kirk Cameron "Love Worth Fighting For" sold out marriage confernce. It was so much fun, we got the reserve package, so we got the 30 minute meet and greet session with a handful of other people, front 2 rows of seating, and first in the autograph line, which with it being sold out the line was way way long, but we got to cut to the front:) I was so excited to see him in person, I remember him from one of my favorite shows as a kid "Growing Pains". He is now a Christain Man who follows and preaches of his Faith. You would just love the marriage conference. He answers any questions, interacts, and one on one with people, He really is a class act, and he seems just so down to earth. The conference was an amazing adventure and so much fun, it was over 3 and half hours long, and it felt so short to my husband and I. We could have listen to him for many more hours he captavates you by all he says and preaches, it is like he draws you in and feels like he is directly talking to you and only you. I hope if you get a chance you will look up the Feed Your Faith site, and check out his confernce, if its not sold out in an area near you. I have some pictures to share, videos too but I don't think I can load the videos. Thanks for stopping by and me that smile again....ok chessy I know the first line of the "Growing Pains" theme song, but hey I have a lasting memory:) Please pass the word about my blog, I really would love to have you whos reading and any friends you send my way to follow my blog....:)