From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!

From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!
From My House..To Your House..Welcome!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Easy 3 ingredient peanut butter fudge balls&bars Yummy!!!

I make these all the time for the kids easy peanut butter fudge balls&bars:) They only require 3 ingredients and so simple to make I have made them for years. They were my late grandpas favorite. I use to make them for him he just loved them, he was a peanut butter LOVER:)I miss him so much, he has been gone almost 3 months now, and it seems to be getting easier but he is still always thought of, and I have him tucked away here in my heart. The recipe is as follows..

2 sticks of butter- I use blue bonnett,its my favorite for baking
3/4 a jar of peanut butter-jif is my next favorite
and a pound of powdered sugar(slightly more if needed)
I put the butter and peanut butter in large pan and stir until completely liquid form and o let me tell you the smell.. YUMMY:)
allow to boil when I say boil I mean it will start to pop and be careful it will pop peanut butter on you
I stir and let it slightly pop(aka slightly pop boil)
remove from heat and add the pound of powder sugar slightly over if needed it will look someone like a peanut butter cookie recipe after stir with powdered sugar
after the are firm, the greasy look will be gone after they harden, remove from fridge. Place semi sweet mini chocolate chips in a bowl and melt in microwave untill completely melted and add chocolate drizzles on the balls and bars, I added drizzle on my balls and a chocolate layer on top my bars.
put back in fridge to harden chocolate and ta-da it is done, an easy 3 ingredient peanut butter idea, NOW I AM SURE YOU WILL SAY THIS IS A 4 INGREDIENT THAT IS IF YOU DECIDE TO ADD THE CHOCOLATE, AND THAT IS UP TO YOU:)
Well I hope you enjoy and as always thanks for stopping by and please follow along, and send a friend.
Don't forget about my monthly gift card drawings. I have given away a Target gift card in April, and POTTERYBARN in May, and now I am thinking a HOBBY LOBBY for June:) So check back for details on that coming up soon. I am gonna be perticipating in the hop in July Christmas hop at the end of the July, where I will be giving away a $50 Target gift card:)Thanks for following along, have a great day my blogging friend.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Jello Cake..YUMMY!!!

Morning Blogging Friends:) I just wanted to take this time to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day, and to remember to honor all who have served for OUR GREAT COUNTRY!! I know we will be flying out flag, and saying a prayer for all our men and women in service, and the fallen soilders. My husband served 6 years active Army, and 2 national guard. I know what its like to be a military wife, and to have young children, it is hard, but I was always and still am proud of my husband. He and I stuck it out for 8 years military life. We have our best memories in the military:) And some of our hardest and saddest memories in the miltary, but it all made us stronger. I THANK all serving now, and in the past, soilders who have gone to heaven to be with Our Lord as a fallen HERO, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I wanted to share a cake I made in honor of Memorial Day. Its a strawberry jello cake, and I added some blueberries and fresh cut strawberries to resemble a flag design on top. I know the colors are not where they should be on a traditional flag, but I like the design all the same:)

Flag Jello Cake

1 box yellow cake mix(make cake mix according to the package)
after cake is cooled poke several holes in it using a fork
Take one small package of jello mix and make it according to the box( you may use any flavor, but I used strawberry to go with the stawberries on the theme of my cake)
pour liguid jello mixture over cake
then place in fridge for a few hours
add almost 1 tub of cool whip( depending on how thick you want the cool whip on your cake)
add fresh fruit in my case strawberries and blueberries I made in a flag design this time but I usually just add strawberries on top or blueberries any fruit that goes with your jello flavoring would be the best
be sure to leave your cake in the fridge keep it cool when not eating:)
All this is great cake, hope you enjoy:)YUMMY!!!

Thanks for stopping by and please be sure to follow along, I love new friends:)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Yard Sale Finds from today:) Some Great Goodies:)

Hello, I just wanted to share with you my goodies from yard sales today. I found a cute picture, some bath and body works, some new candles, including a yankee, a cute fall primitive picture, a cake pan (brand new) 2 longaberger baskets 5.00 each,a huge wall clock, a few lil primitive goodies too. I will be sharing with you a quick and easy fudge ball recipe, seriuosly 4 items, and they are so good:) I promise my daughter we make them tonight or tomorrow, she will eat them all:) I also am making a cake for the memorial weekend, its kinda cool, so check back for some more great post. O' yeah my posie pillows I keep talkin about are done I just have to add some buttons. I want to get them done. I have been so side tracked, and to be honest it fustrated me, I am not a gal who can sew, but I keep trying, and when I mess up I fix, and repeat, O' I think I was meant to NOT sew:) I am quite proud of them, just want to show you them complete with buttons and minimal flaws:) I doubt you all will laugh at them, but I might:)

Enjoy my pictures of the items I got at yard sales today:)

Thanks for stopping by, I love having you:)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Check out my Garden Angel:)

I LOVE this she is so cute. My husband's grandmother is quite a crafter, and is 80 years old. She made this angel for me and some other family members. I thought I would share her crafty work with you today. Its called a gardening angel, she amazes me what work she can do at her age. She is the best cook too, and has the biggest loving heart:) I have learned many things from her,including some recipes:) and she is a fine Christian woman. She has made many things for me over the 17 years I have been married to my husband. I will show you in the coming weeks some of the things she has made for me and my family, she will amaze you too. I just had to share this doll with you, and a little about the amazing woman who made it:)

--GRANDMA IS THE LAST ONE ON THE RIGHT--The first picture was taken at my daughter's 17-0 perfect record championship volleyball game:)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yard Sale Finds from this weekend

Well, another weekend of yard sales:) LOVE EM!!! I got a few things this weekend. I got my daughter some clothes, tank tops, shorts, really nice and name brand, just wash them, and I am sooo pleased she actually LIKED them:) I just wanted to show you a few things I got this weekend with some pictures. I LOVE my new bedspread I got and matching primitive crow pillow,lol...its cute, The bedspread and I got shams too but right now I do not have them on the bed, was new in package. I washed and pressed the bedspread yesterday, and is now on me bed. I LOVE IT !!!I wanna keep a primitive look in some parts of our home, bedroom is one of them. I got a digital picture frame, a light, picture, a outside table,a used computer chair as my son broke our other one I told hubby I will wait for yard sale time and I'll get one I always see used ones, and low and behold I found one:) and a stand in process of being painted lol..can see that in picture below, 2 cute throw rugs for 3.00 each they are primitive, a star box, and other goodies. I can't show everything lol..take for ever, besides then hubby might here is my pictures What did you find this weekend???? Love to hear, as always thanks for stopping by:)

Friday, May 20, 2011

House Of Whimsy giveaway:)

Be sure and head over to House Of Whimsy for a great giveaway. She reopened her etsy shop and is giving away a prize stop by at

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prizes I have Won Blogging and a Cookie Recipe:)

Lately, I have Won some really cool prizes from other blogs. I have won iTunes gift card, Lisa Leonard 50 gift card which I use to get the necklace in pictures below. I won the Eisy Morgan Birthday Bash Grand prize, which was so many exciting things, credits to etsy stores(which I got a cool purse with 1 of the credits) hand repair cream, a Birthday countdown, wallet, a wood sign with my last name, and so much more and that was all from the Eisy Morgan giveaway, I have won other things too like the propel gift set from Carolina Couponer(still waiting on that prize) I just won a pampered chef retangler baking dish last week, and just found out today I won a $35 etsy credit towards another store because I won a giveaway over at Style n' Decor Deals. I think I might be on a tiny WIN streak. I can't tell you how happy I am to have received and won these GREAT prizes. Some prizes are not pictured yet, but when I recieve more I'll show ya:) I LOVE blogging, and LOVE entering giveaways:) Really is sooo much fun!!!

I also have a cookie recipe for ya, I know everyones had no-bakes, well my family swears mine are the best, they say they are not runny or hard as a I quess I take that as a Well anyways I made some today... Here is my recipe for the Perfect no-bake

2 cups of sugar
3 tablespoons of cocoa powder
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup butter
mix all ingredients together all ingredients will melt down to liquid looks like chocolate syrup let come to a rapid boiler once boiling heavily I count to 10 and take off burner
add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1/2 cup peanut butter
2 and 1/2 cups of quick oats make sure they are quick oats
stir well and take spoonful of cookie mix( will be runny slightly) and place on aluminum foil until set
I Love these cookies and all my family and extended family do too:)
I do always use name brand peanut butter like Jif and sugar(Domino)
and cocoa is name brand too Hersheys or Nestle the oats I do use are generic because they really are that good and they sell them at the Dollar General store.Well thanks for stopping by today as always please follow along, I love to have you, and refer a friend to my blog:)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Primitive White Bench

I wanted to share with you the bench I have had for awhile now that was picked up at a yard sale for 5.00. I have it outside my home, and I love it. It has the distress look and I love that too. It shows you can find so many neat items CHEAP at yard sales. Alot of my items outside items even for seasonal display or my inside home decor items come from yard sales. I love finding those bargains and re-doing an item or finding nice gently used name brand clothing for a huge FRACTION of what you pay at the store. My family and friends know me as the yard sale queen. I get I can't believe you got that at a yard sale alot, but I did. I DEFINATELY believe in the motto someones trash is anothers treasure.....:) Thanks for stopping by this morning, still finishing up the posie pillow I have they needed some work I am NOT the sewer so they are in need of a touch up and some buttons. Hope to have them up Friday:) As always please follow along I love to have you, and send a friend....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Great Giveaway to tell you about- Martha Stewart Prize!!

Be sure and head over to Style 'n Decor Deals for a great giveaway some party supplies from none other than Martha Stewarts collection. They are really pretty, and I hope to win!!! Check it out here...

Tuesday share your crafts or recipes in blog world:)

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