From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!

From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!
From My House..To Your House..Welcome!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

GIVEAWAY starts tomorrow!! Get the DETAILS!!!

A new giveaway will start tomorrow September 1st-21st.Beginning at 12:00 pm. You will be able to win a pack of 4 SKOY reusable cloths, they are EARTH friendly. I LOVE the ones I was sent to try. You wet, clean what you need too, wash, reuse. This is a great eco-friendly idea, and a great product for families everywhere. You will also receive a $10 Target gift card or Wal-Mart gift card, winner's choice. I am HAPPY about giving away a product I believe in. I feel is worth the 6.99 for a set of 4 cloths. Its GREAT price, VALUE, and ECO_ FRIENDLY too:) So stop by tomorrow and sign up!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Country Living Festival in Columbus Ohio, and the annual Backwoods Festival. LOVE THEM!!!

Well one of the favorite time of the year is approaching for me. The annual Country Living Fair in Columbus,Ohio,and the annual Backwoods Festival, in Thornville, Ohio. They both fall on the same weekend this year. I am gonna go to the Backwoods Festival on Friday the 16th, and go to the Country Living Fair on the 17th, boy am I looking forward to that weekend,crafts galore,all kinds of decoratin styles will be available to buy, great food, live music, it is so much fun. I have enclosed some pictures and information on both events. I will be sure to share pictures and all the goodies I buy from the weekend after I go:) Who knows I might even purchase a great fall gift from one of the events to be givin away here on my blog, Stay Tuned!!!
Now entering its sixth year, the Country Living Fair brings the magazine to life! Held this fall, the event will return to Columbus, Ohio, and Atlanta, Georgia. The Country Living Fairs offer individuals and families alike a fun, festival-like destination. Attendees can enjoy a unique shopping experience with over 200 vendors and artisans selling antiques, gifts, home d├ęcor, jewelry, and more. The events will be filled with seminars and demonstrations from Country Living editors, contributors, and special guests, as well as live music, gourmet markets, and other festivities. Columbus, Ohio — September 16, 17, 18; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Another exciting event the Backwoods Festival Craft Show Dates: Fri September 16, 2011 - Sun September 18, 2011 Show Location: 8572 High Point Rd Thornville, OH Show Info:Nestled on a 60 acre wooded area in Northern Perry County, you will find one of Ohio's finest arts and crafts festivals. Craft vendors from several states come to share their variety of items. Over 250 Crafters,Bluegrass Music,Open Fire Kettle Cooked Food Types of Crafts: Basketry Candles Carvings Christmas Crafts Dolls Floral Crafts Folk Art Furniture Garden Glass Crafts Jewelry Leather Crafts Metal Work Needlework Ornaments Photography Pottery Quilting Sculpture Woodworking. Can't Wait To Go!!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yard Sale goodies I found today, and upcoming giveaway!!

Hi everyone, just thought I show you some cute lil goodies I got at yard sales today. The sales are starting to slow down now that school has started which makes me sad:( I have not shared this yet but I am sooo wanting to move away from the town I live in, I wish we could wave a magic wand and move somewhere else. I am not talking far away just within 15-20 minutes from where we are now, out of town maybe, just not to keen on this school district and this town anymore. I know now is not the time to sell, but its a time to buy with interest rates extremely low, maybe rent this house out try and keep it and get another, who knows, I just know I want out of here BIG time!!! Well enough about my lil I also wanted to tell you starting September 1st. I will be having a giveaway of this GREAT product, I have never had a sponsor here on my blog, and really try not tooo, but I tried these cloths, and LOVE them, they are from a company they are called SKOY cloths, they are these great cloths that are reusable over and over, they really are sterdy and can just be thrown in the wash. A GREAT green idea, and I love them. I will be giving away a pack of 4, along with a $10 Wal-Mart gift card, so be sure to come back and sign up:) O'yea one thing I forgot to say todays my hubby's 37th BIRTHDAY!!!!Happy Birthday to him, I have an oreo cake ready for him, and some cute lil trinkets the kids like to buy silly things, gag gifts, their teens thats what they like to do to him on his birthday, and he likes it toooo:) It's sure to be a GREAT day we are celebrating by taking him out for supper this evening, and coming home to eat the oreo cake, and watch a movie. He has to work today which really is odd, he never works on Saturdays it's very rare, but he had to today, its all overtime, and he says im not passin up that I have to agree:) Its just sad that of all Saturdays he could work, it has to be on his birthday:(........... Well, I am off to finish some odds and ends here at the house. Have a great day my bloggin friends:) Enjoy my pics of the goodies I found at yard sales.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bloggin Bags with Blog name and design...So Cute and CHEAP!!!

I recently ordered the special for the day at Vista and I got the cutest bag ever. It is my very own Blog Bag:) It has my blog name and url to my blog, and a cute lil picture on both sides of the bag. It was 10.00 and change, and that included shipping. I have been wanting a blog bag with my name on it to carry. They are between 35.00-45.00 dollars not including shipping at some etsy shops. Its not as detailed as some of the other bags on etsy, but it is JUST PERFECT for me. I really like it, and it fit into my budget:) Take a look it is CUTE!!!:)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Twilight meeting:)Who wouldn't want to meet Dr.Cullon from the twilight movies:) I DID!!!

Just wanted to share some pictures from when I met Peter Facinelli( I am probebly not spelling that right :)) Dr. Cullon) from the Twilight movies, He is just so handsome in person, friendly, too. Just thought I share some pictures from when I met a movie star, from one the of biggest movie series of all time:) Ok Ok I am taking it pretty far but it is a rather big thing, pretty BIG thing to me:)not often you meet a celebrity:)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Homemade Baked Corn

Hello, its been a busy week around our household. I have been cleaning and organizing now that the kids are back in school. I threw out a mountain of papers and shredded a bunch more. Cleaning out closets of the kids clothes they DO NOT wear but insist on keeping. I am gathering more and more each day. Looking forward to a yard sale in the next month so I can get rid of all the jeans I have cleaned out of closets, and shirts too. I for some reason have been on a cleaning mode this week, bored maybe being here at the house with no teens, who knows, but it is lookin good around the house:) I just wanted to share a recipe with you all Homemade Baked Corn. It is easy and makes for a great side dish, or to take to a pot luck. Baked Corn 1 can regular corn 1 can creamy style corn 1 box jiffy corn muffin bread Mix 1 cup sour cream 2 eggs 1/2 cup butter melted 1 tablespoon of sugar Mix together and place in circular glass cassarole dish Bake at 350 for and hour and 10 minutes Well off to clean some am on a roll......Have A Great Day!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School Days!! A thumbprint cookie recipe..

Well, it was back to school for my 2 teens today. My son started 10th grade, my daughter started 8th grade. I can't believe how big they are getting, the time has flown by so quickly:(Here they are on their first day of school...
My handsome son and Beautiful daughter Well I also wanted to share the recipe of Roy(my hubby)80 year old grandmas iced thumbprint cookies the ones she make for me for my Birthday the ones I LOVE soooo much:) Homemade Thumbprint Iced Cookies Make 3 dozen 1 cup crisco 1/2 cup brown sugar 2 cups flour 2 egg yolks 1 teaspoon vanilla 1/2 teaspoon salt mix well with electric mixer after mixed well let dough sit up for about a half an hour then roll into 1 inch balls place on UNGREASED cookie sheet(place thumbprint in cookie) Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes till lightly brown on bottom Icing for thumbprint cookies 2 cups powdered sugar half a stick oleo (Blue Bonnett or Impereal) are the ones she uses 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 tablesspoons of milk MIX WELL WITH MIXER!!! separate icing into individual bowls add food coloring to make your desired colors These cookies are soooo YUMMY!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I love having you:)

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Birthday Bash/Party/Gifts and sooo much LOVE!!!

Good morning everyone!! Well I had a GREAT birthday, family, friends, cake ice cream, and so much LOVE:) I first would like to thank all who entered and won prizes in my Birthday Bash giveaway all last week. Some great prizes were given away, Vera Bradley Bag, Thirtyone Bag, movies, Victoria Secret, candles, book, Purex, and a gift card. It sure was a GREAT party and glad to have given away some great prizes to my fellow bloggers. THANK YOU all for your kind words and for following and supporting my blog, couldn't ask for a better present:) On Saturday I awoke to some beautiful flowers, thanks to my hubby. I also received a new can opener,lol... yes a can I know but I had been complaining about my old can opener never working, so I finally got a new one, a nice one at that. I got so many nice things and food(sweets) Yum Yum. My teenage kids blessed me with a beautiful Willow Tree Angel, as they are something I love and recently started to collect. I got a pretty willow tree table runner too. Thanks kids! My brother and his girlfriend got me another beautiful Willow Tree angel, and a Crossroads large jar candle. If you want a AWESOME candle get a Crossroads!! MY parents gave me 50 bucks, and lets say I have been eyeing a few new shirts I LOVE to have, and now with the extra money I can get them:) I got lil goodies too lotto tickets, which I am happy to say I won 6.00:) I also got my favorite cookies from my husbands grandmother shes 80 and made me some of her homemade tea cookies with homemade icing. I LOVE THEM!!! I will share the recipe in a post tomorrow. I had a wonderful Birthday. I even got my husband, teen kids, and they watched my favorite cartoon when I was younger that is now a movie, THE SMURFS with me:) I loved it I love that cartoon growing up, and I got to see the movie on my Birthday on Saturday. Had a nice family dinner out. We had cake, and cake, and more I had a great Birthday, I love all my family and friends soooooooooo much Another year older and another year I have been BLESSED!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Grand Prize Birthday Bash giveaway Winner...Is It YOU????

Good evening everyone. I am back to announce the winner of my Grand Prize Birthday Bash giveaway your choice between a Target or POTTERYBARN gift card. Value $20. I want to take a moment and thank everyone for the support of my blog, and all who signed up. I hope you enjoyed my giveaway and my prizes. I hope it was fun for you all. I was so happy for all you faithful followers who did sign up, and kind of a lil sad for ones who did not. I am PROUD of my lil ole blog, and I know its not the fancy whirlwind blog, but it is my blog. I am quite proud of it and what I am trying to accomplish with it. I get kind of sad some times when people I follow, and there big blogs, give support to the blogs they click with. I feel like they don't even try to give my lil ole blog a chance, and other ones out there like mine. I think bloggin is a click factor too, and I wish it wasn't because each of us have so much to share:) O'well not a pity party here its a Birthday party The winner according to is #6 Hillcresthome Prims said... I am a follower and i love this Birhtday week giveaway! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Blessings, Tricia
Congratulations!!! Please e-mail me at with your full name and address, and I will get your choice of gift card sent out to you. Target or POTTERYBARN just let me know. Thank You for entering and following my blog....AND THANK ALL OF YOU FOR MAKING MY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION WEEK A SUCESS FOR ME AND SHARING IT WITH ALL OF YOU HAS BEEN A PLEASURE!!! Have a great night friends, and be sure to check back for all my upcoming posts this week:)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Giveaway Winner- Birthday Bash winner of movie, candles, book!!! IS IT YOU???

Good evening or night shall I say, well I had a FANTASTIC Birthday!! I awoke to flowers they were so pretty. I got so many cute nice gifts I am going to share it all with you in a blog post on Monday:)I also have a new recipe to share too, so look for that upcoming post. I had a GREAT Birthday we just got back from the movies, and out to eat, with my husband and 2 teenage kids. We had a GREAT time:) Lets just say I have ate way to much today. My hubby 80 year old grandma calls and says I got you a present please come and get them tonight, so after we were done eating and all we stopped by, and there she had them.... Yum!Yum! Her handmade thumbprint cookies. They are my favorite!!! I will be sharing about them in a post next week, and recipe too. Wait till you see these cookies:) So be sure to catch all up on some GREAT post coming up this next week:)Now on to the picked number 9..... APRIL said... I tweeted -!/April_Pinkchip/status/102112484831399938 entry #1
Congratulations!!! Please e-mail me at with your full name and address, and I will get your movie, candles, and book, sent out to you. Thanks for following along. Be sure and sign up for today's giveaway the GRAND PRIZE a choice of a Target gift card or POTTERYBARN gift card. Value is $20. Michelle's favorite thing Birthday Bash Grand Prize giveaway gift card winner to be drawn tomorrow August 14th, at around 9:00pm. I just want you all to know I have enjoyed giving away a lot of my favorite things. This giveaway was so much fun for me as it was for you I am sure. Having some Great followers sign up makes me love why I blog:) Thank You all for your support:)