From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!

From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!
From My House..To Your House..Welcome!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yard Sale goodies I found today, and upcoming giveaway!!

Hi everyone, just thought I show you some cute lil goodies I got at yard sales today. The sales are starting to slow down now that school has started which makes me sad:( I have not shared this yet but I am sooo wanting to move away from the town I live in, I wish we could wave a magic wand and move somewhere else. I am not talking far away just within 15-20 minutes from where we are now, out of town maybe, just not to keen on this school district and this town anymore. I know now is not the time to sell, but its a time to buy with interest rates extremely low, maybe rent this house out try and keep it and get another, who knows, I just know I want out of here BIG time!!! Well enough about my lil I also wanted to tell you starting September 1st. I will be having a giveaway of this GREAT product, I have never had a sponsor here on my blog, and really try not tooo, but I tried these cloths, and LOVE them, they are from a company they are called SKOY cloths, they are these great cloths that are reusable over and over, they really are sterdy and can just be thrown in the wash. A GREAT green idea, and I love them. I will be giving away a pack of 4, along with a $10 Wal-Mart gift card, so be sure to come back and sign up:) O'yea one thing I forgot to say todays my hubby's 37th BIRTHDAY!!!!Happy Birthday to him, I have an oreo cake ready for him, and some cute lil trinkets the kids like to buy silly things, gag gifts, their teens thats what they like to do to him on his birthday, and he likes it toooo:) It's sure to be a GREAT day we are celebrating by taking him out for supper this evening, and coming home to eat the oreo cake, and watch a movie. He has to work today which really is odd, he never works on Saturdays it's very rare, but he had to today, its all overtime, and he says im not passin up that I have to agree:) Its just sad that of all Saturdays he could work, it has to be on his birthday:(........... Well, I am off to finish some odds and ends here at the house. Have a great day my bloggin friends:) Enjoy my pics of the goodies I found at yard sales.

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  1. Hi I found your blog on MBC Bloggy Friends group. I'm now following your blog and would love for you to stop by as well.

    Thanks and keep in touch!