From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!

From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!
From My House..To Your House..Welcome!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Egg Carton Put To Good Use/ Christmas Pictures

The Holiday's are now over I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!! I hope Santa brought you all that you wanted, and that you cherished the Holidays with loved ones. Our family celebrated the true meaning of Christmas with our families and celebrated the Birth of Our Lord And Savior Jesus!! Now that the Holidays are winding down, I took down the tree, and thought I show you I decided to use egg cartons to place small bulbs and ornaments in, they are great, and the carton provides extra cushion. Who new that an egg carton could bring so much joy to me, I get excited over the silliest things anymore:) Well, off to enjoy one of my new Christmas presents I am in LOVE with CROSSROADS candles, it smells so good and makes the whole house smell. I LOVE a good candle!!! Enjoy some Holiday pictures and my egg carton container Now on to the New Year, see ya soon bloggin friends.

My son with his new Oakley sunglasses, and iphone. My daughter with her iphone and Lifeproof case. Winnie the family dog enjoying her Christmas bone. Our Christmas tree with the kids new chairs and presents.

My NEW favorite candle............smells sooooooo GOOD!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Centerpieces CHEAP to make

I came across some beautiful looking Holiday looking daisie( not sure what kind of flowers they are)at Walmart and thought I do up two Holiday centerpieces with 2 little clear glass vases. I cut the flowers down to the size to fit the miniture vases. I used some ribbon LOOK how the design matches the flowers and the colors LOVE THAT, from the Dollar Store to wrap around the vases just taped on back part of vases,and these cute tinsil(hope that spelling is picks that I stuck down in the centerpieces, along with some candy canes. They turned out so cute, take a look, and Happy Holidays!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Decor Around My Home

Happy Holidays my fellow blogging friends. I wanted to share some pictures of the Holiday decor around our home. I LOVE the Holidays it really is the Happiest time of the year, family, friends, great food, cookies, presents and MOST IMPORTANT the Birthday of Our Lord and Savior Jesus! I love the smell of my Holiday melts and candles burnin, the Christmas movies on tv. And Food Network Holiday cooking theme shows and HGTV theme Holiday shows during the month of December. Now, on to the pictures. Have a GREAT Blessed day. xoxo HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Bulb Wreath

I was wanting to make one of those bulb wreaths I have seen on the internet, and blogs. I've seen a lot of ones they were glued, and I thought there is a simple way. The pictures aren't the greatest the flash is horrible :(. UGG.......... I took a coat hanger and unwinded it. I placed it around my waist to get the circle shape. I picked out some bulbs at the Family Dollar store here in town. They have buy 1 get 1 half off right now. I was not sure how many bulbs I needed I got different shapes small, medium, and large ones. I had 2boxes left that I will return. I thought it turned out really pretty, the colors are Gold and Red its really bright hard to tell because of the flash on my camera. I  twisted the wire after I made my wreath and used the hook part of the hanger to hook onto the wreath holder. I wish I had used more colors but o'well it still turned out really good. Cheap and Quick 2 of my favorite words. Thanks for stopping by. I am gonna share my Christmas tree, Holiday decor this week. I just love the Season of Christmas!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Craft Show

So I went to a craft show a huge one over in Zanesville near where I live here in Ohio. All the people were buying snowman, primitives, trees, decor and then I past a table and there was a man and his father he is an artist and he had this he made and signed for sale, and I bought it!!! It is BEAUTIFUL, and the true reason for the SEASON!!! I was moved when I saw it because I felt looking around at all of the people carrying their huge wood decor, knick knacks, wreaths, and other goodies they bought, that this was by far the MOST PRECIOUS, BEAUTIFUL thing in that whole place. ♥

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Remember Me??

It sure has been a long time. I gave up blogging all together. I really Loved doing it. I was trying to have giveaways and make it fun, and make new friends. I found out that little blogs like mine sometimes get over shadowed by the big ole blogs, with the AWESOME giveaways, that I can not even compete with. Then I started these last few days to really miss it. It was fun for me, and a great way to enjoy the fun of the whole blogging expierence. I want to start doing it again. Back to the basics and the fun of it all. I hope to make new friends, share new ideas, recipes, and learn that though my blog is not huge, it is what it is and fun . I want to make it all fun again. All in time, so please join me as I try this bloggin thing all over again at my little ole blog, At Home With Michelle <3


Bring in the Christmas season with this GREAT giveaway from mommy is coo coo.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Target Giveaway Winner!!!

I meant to have drawn the winner for my Target gift card giveaway yesterday, and forgot. :( So first thing this morning I went to and I only had 10 entries and it picked #5 which was 
kari jasusand i now follow you on twitter @raggammuffin. If you will please send me your full name and address I will will get your gift card sent to you. Congratulations!!! The chances for winning this gift card were REALLY good considering there were only 10 entries. It is a shame more people don't sign up, because I always give away gift cards, and there is always low entreis so that makes your chances better. Well I have a busy day planned this Friday, please come back and take a look at a post about some bunnies I had made for Easter, a really cute craft:) I will be holding another gist card giveaway in April some time, so be sure to remember that. I am posting about the bunnies today so be sure and check them out:)

Friday, February 24, 2012


I am soooo soooorrry about the delay in getting up my giveaway. It has been hectic around the household. Sicknesses, sons basketball games, transfer of my daughter to a new school. I did not get up my giveaway when I had planned, but now that things are getting back to the norm well around here I like to get this giveaway up and runnin. I wish I had had it up on Monday the 20th like I had planned, but I didn't get to it. I am wanting to get back to my bloggin routine and sharing ideas and recipes,craft, home decor ideas with all of you. I LOVE blogging but lately I have been so side track, and FAMILY comes first!!!
I am excited to tell you all that this is for a 15 dollar TARGET gift card, will be mailed directly to you from I have had lots of giveaways on my blog in the past. All being different gift cards from various stores, Target seems to be the fav though, so I thought I do another TARGET gift card.
Its soooo easy to enter my giveaways, please do one or both of the requirements. Leave a comment that you are a NEW follower or already a follower of my blog At Home With Michelle- 1 ENTRY.
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Giveaway will end on  MARCH 15TH, AND I WILL POST WINNER THAT DAY.Please leave all comment for each requirement in comments section below.
Thank You!!! Contest open to US residents only!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Target Gift card Giveaway!!

Due to some sickness and personal things going on. I will be pushing back the start of the Target gift card giveaway untill Monday February 20th. I will be posting the giveaway that day. Sorry about the mishap with listing the giveaway, but it will be up on Monday so please come back and sign up. Thanks for being understanding..... Have A GREAT day my blogging friends:)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Dance & Big Changes

Well has it ever been a BIG adjustment in the Netting household lately. After long and drawn out conversations and our daughter beggin for change we gave in, for her well being. Our daughter who is in 8th grade, is now transfered to a NEW school. She had had enough with all the things she had going on at her old school. As you all may have recalled from a prevoius post I did, back in November our daughter was rushed by ambulence after being punched and falling on her head, she was out of school for a week, she had such a hard time after all that. She was a honor student, and well loved by all, but bullying got the best of her. Her dad and I said she could transfer. Bullying doesn't mean that you get bullied for not being the picture perfect person. You can be bullied by jelous girls or boys that can get the best of you. I think my daughter is BEAUTIFUL I am her mom so I am gonna say that. In my daughters case I believe girls were just jealous of her and that to is bullying. I know there will be bullying at other schools too, only time will tell, but for now she is HAPPY:) and its nice to see a smile on her face. Do not get me wrong she has some GREAT friends at her old school, and still loves them very much, and will continue to see them. But the fact is people she did not want to see over takes the ones she did want to see, if that makes sence. I am sure we made the right decision, even though were half way through her school year she will be ok, she has always been strong, and she is up for the challenge.:) Make sure you talk to your cildren about bullying, we as parents can help, but it really is a true problem with schools now a days.

On a lighter note my daughter went to a dance at her NEW school Saturday, and here she is all dressed up, she looked so BEAUTIFUL:) Love You JOLI!!!

Thanks for stopping by today. Please don't forget to sign up for my Target gift card giveaway it starts tomorrow and ends on February 28th. As always Have A Great Day!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Day For My Family

Good Morning!! I am gearing up to putting a few of the Valentine's Decor I have up today. I just LOVE Valentine's Day. I enjoy doing up the the house, and surprising my hubby and kids with surprises. I enjoy seein the kids faces even though they are teens now, I think they like it. I am not sure what I will do this year, as my son has a basketball game on Valentine's Day, insert sad face:( I am still thinking of decorating the house up like I do and maybe have a special breakfast this year, instead of dinner. I love the simple things you can do to show your LOVE. Check out my Valentine's set up from last year...I really LOVE my family and wanted to show them, even though it wasn't much, it meant ALOT to me and my family:)............


Have a GREAT day to all my BLOGGING friends............... 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Teens and Boyfriends and Girlfriends

I have 2 teenage kids as you all know, Austin is soon to be 16 in a few months and Joli soon to be 14 shortly. Austin is in 10th grade, Joli is in 8th. Well lately we have been coming across the issue of the boyfriend and girlfriend whole ordeal. Well I believe hanging with a group of friends and doing things as a couples is ok(supervised). I am sure I will get back lash on this issue, which I hope I don't. My daughter Joli is currently using the word boyfriend with her new guy friend and it bothers her dad and I a little, but we also know that she is a teen and that word is often thrown around. My son has had girlfriend here and there none really serious and none were he used the word regularly, and his main focus is sports,lol...go figure. However Joli is at the stage were she uses the word boyfriend. She's almost 14 but we think she uses the word to loosely, with Not a real understanding of the word ,because of her age.. Well, we want her to have boys as friends and with boyfriends comes drama and teen issues clearly NO parent wants to face those issues. At the same time I want her to understand that her dad and I care for her and know that she may really LIKE a boy, but do you have to call him your boyfriend? At her seems that meetin up with a boy at the movies is fine now a days, and back in my day was a NO NO,LOL......, now teens are meetin up at movies, bowling, and skating rinks, and other places, as couples. We allow Joli to attend things like these with other friends, and yes even with boys, as long as theres a group, to some that may be wrong???? We are parents that believe in TRUST, and Joli has NEVER broken are trust, and the only real issue right now with her is the BOYFRIEND word, and its meaning. That being said, we allow her freind(aka) to come over to our home, eat pizza, watch movies, and hang out with her, completely supervised!!! So in a way I told my husband maybe we are promoting in a way that the boyfriend word we so do not like is, is ok with the actions we are allowing to go on, with the issues of doing bowling, movies, allowing him over, and so on. This is a strong issue for me, and I have had to deal with it so much with my daughter, and what we believe and she believes, and we know how she feels, but in the same time we know how we feel, and I am sure many of you are saying well you are the adult, just say NO, well really why??....She has almost a 4.0 GPA, is active with youth and attends church and is really a well behaved daughter, helps, loving, and very caring, and  very trustworthy. I believe and my hubby slightly does, that the meaning will come more clearer to her as she grow and matures threw growing up, and my husband also says, really Michelle, we have guided her who she is now, and we have FAITH she will always do whats the right thing. I could go on and on on this issue, I just needed to clear my head a little, and ramble, and boy did, I am sure we all have mixed feelings about this issue, and I hope I can understand that her word BOYFRIEND is not the end of the world I guess.........................Just a Word that to parents seems like the end of the world......


Thanks for visiting today. Please be sure to come back and sign up for my Target gift card giveaway coming up in February. As always I love feedback on anything her on my blog, and enjoy the support from fellow bloggers. Thanks, and Have a GREAT day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My 2 teens- Austin and Joli- I LOVE them sooooooooo MUCH:)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentine Centerpieces- Cheap and Easy

I recently bought some crafting items from the Dollar Tree and made some nice affordable decorative Valentine's Day items. I made these centerpieces from some beautiful roses they just got them in, and I went back a few days later because I was going to get more to use on a wreath, and they were gone..........:( I am glad though I got some when I did. I only have 6 dollars in both centerpieces, and I say thats a pretty good bargain myself, flowers and vases were all a buck each, and I had the heart sticks to stick in left over from another project I did the cupcake liner heart trees check those out in a previous post. All items were bought from Dollar Tree. I love that store:)

I will be having a giveaway in February for a Target gift card, I always have gift cards giveaways so be on the lookout for them:)

I will be sharing a great apple crisp simple and easy recipe tomorrow, come back for that, and as always thanks for stopping by......