From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!

From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!
From My House..To Your House..Welcome!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Dance & Big Changes

Well has it ever been a BIG adjustment in the Netting household lately. After long and drawn out conversations and our daughter beggin for change we gave in, for her well being. Our daughter who is in 8th grade, is now transfered to a NEW school. She had had enough with all the things she had going on at her old school. As you all may have recalled from a prevoius post I did, back in November our daughter was rushed by ambulence after being punched and falling on her head, she was out of school for a week, she had such a hard time after all that. She was a honor student, and well loved by all, but bullying got the best of her. Her dad and I said she could transfer. Bullying doesn't mean that you get bullied for not being the picture perfect person. You can be bullied by jelous girls or boys that can get the best of you. I think my daughter is BEAUTIFUL I am her mom so I am gonna say that. In my daughters case I believe girls were just jealous of her and that to is bullying. I know there will be bullying at other schools too, only time will tell, but for now she is HAPPY:) and its nice to see a smile on her face. Do not get me wrong she has some GREAT friends at her old school, and still loves them very much, and will continue to see them. But the fact is people she did not want to see over takes the ones she did want to see, if that makes sence. I am sure we made the right decision, even though were half way through her school year she will be ok, she has always been strong, and she is up for the challenge.:) Make sure you talk to your cildren about bullying, we as parents can help, but it really is a true problem with schools now a days.

On a lighter note my daughter went to a dance at her NEW school Saturday, and here she is all dressed up, she looked so BEAUTIFUL:) Love You JOLI!!!

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  1. Hi Michelle! Your daughter is Beautiful and I'm sorry she had to go through that. :( I hope things go better for her at her new school! :)

    Carmen and the Primcats