From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!

From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!
From My House..To Your House..Welcome!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

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Good morning everyone today is the day. The Christmas In July blog hop giveaway has begun. I am so excited to be participating in the giveaway. I am giving away a $25 Target gift card, and a lot of a Christmas Goodie Package. All you have to do to enter is...

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That is it,leave a separate comment for each entry.In the comment section of this post. My contest is open to US residents only. I will pick my winner on Monday August 1st, and announce the winner that morning. Thank you for following along and I am so happy you stopped by:)

MY GOODIES TO BE GIVEN AWAY!!!!!!​basic_linky_include.aspx?i​d=90073" type="text/javascript">

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christmas in July giveaway 125 bloggers including mine!!Check out my prize!!

Hello, its getting to the time of a great giveaway the Christmas in July event will begin at 9:00 am Monday July 25th:) There are 125 bloggers participating, including mine. I just wanted to share my goodies I am giving away, you will receive a $25 TARGET gift card+ a lot of cute primitive Christmas goodies, a holiday planning organizer, check out my picture below. I wanted to keep my giveaway to the Christmas theme. I hope you come back Monday and enter it will be loads of fun:)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bacon & Egg Hashbrown Cassarole YUMMY!!:)

Here is a new recipe I found and tried. It was so good, and my family loved it.:)I will be leaving tomorrow for vacation, and be back just in time to share about my prizes for the Christmas in July giveaway coming up next week. I am giving away a $25 gift card to Target, and sticking with the Christmas theme some great Christmas decor, all so cute, so come back and enter.:) Do not forget about my giveaway the week of my birthday in August, its called Michelle's favorite things, which will be a gift card, beauty items,etc,all my favorite things. I thought that be a neat giveaway to celebrate my birthday with all my followers. Will be a GREAT Birthday BASH!!! Now on to the recipe.....

Bacon & Egg Hashbrown Cassarole

12 eggs
1 cup of shredded cheese
3 cups of shredded hash browns
1 can of crescent roll dough
6 slices of bacon (more if you are a bacon freak like me)
optional: other toppings: veggies, other meats, cheeses, mushrooms etc.
salt and pepper to taste

1.Fry up bacon and place on a paper towel to drain.
2.Roll out the crescent roll dough into a greased casserole dish.
3.Spread shredded hash browns on top of the dough.
4.Beat eggs in a bowl, salt and pepper to taste, and spread over the hash browns.
5.Crumble up bacon and sprinkle the bacon bits over the eggs.
6.Bake in oven at 350 degrees for 40-45 minutes.
7.Remove casserole from oven and sprinkle cheese on top.
8.Place back in oven just until cheese melts.
9.Serve warm with toast

Collection of my recipes:) Part 2

Here are a few more of my recipes I have shared in previous posts. I also have a post for a new recipe I made which I will share next:)More recipes.........part 2:)

Easy 3 ingredient peanut butter fudge balls&bars Yummy!!!
I make these all the time for the kids easy peanut butter fudge balls&bars:) They only require 3 ingredients and so simple to make I have made them for years. They were my late grandpas favorite. I use to make them for him he just loved them, he was a peanut butter LOVER:)I miss him so much, he has been gone almost 3 months now, and it seems to be getting easier but he is still always thought of, and I have him tucked away here in my heart. The recipe is as follows..

2 sticks of butter- I use blue bonnett,its my favorite for baking
3/4 a jar of peanut butter-jif is my next favorite
and a pound of powdered sugar(slightly more if needed)
I put the butter and peanut butter in large pan and stir until completely liquid form and o let me tell you the smell.. YUMMY:)
allow to boil when I say boil I mean it will start to pop and be careful it will pop peanut butter on you
I stir and let it slightly pop(aka slightly pop boil)
remove from heat and add the pound of powder sugar slightly over if needed it will look someone like a peanut butter cookie recipe after stir with powdered sugar
after the are firm, the greasy look will be gone after they harden, remove from fridge. Place semi sweet mini chocolate chips in a bowl and melt in microwave untill completely melted and add chocolate drizzles on the balls and bars, I added drizzle on my balls and a chocolate layer on top my bars.
put back in fridge to harden chocolate and ta-da it is done, an easy 3 ingredient peanut butter idea, NOW I AM SURE YOU WILL SAY THIS IS A 4 INGREDIENT THAT IS IF YOU DECIDE TO ADD THE CHOCOLATE, AND THAT IS UP TO YOU:)

Flag Jello Cake

1 box yellow cake mix(make cake mix according to the package)
after cake is cooled poke several holes in it using a fork
Take one small package of jello mix and make it according to the box( you may use any flavor, but I used strawberry to go with the stawberries on the theme of my cake)
pour liguid jello mixture over cake
then place in fridge for a few hours
add almost 1 tub of cool whip( depending on how thick you want the cool whip on your cake)
add fresh fruit in my case strawberries and blueberries I made in a flag design this time but I usually just add strawberries on top or blueberries any fruit that goes with your jello flavoring would be the best
be sure to leave your cake in the fridge keep it cool when not eating:)
All this is great cake, hope you enjoy:)YUMMY!!!

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread
3 large bananas smashed
1 cup of sugar
1 egg
half a cup of butter
2 cups of flour
1 tsp of baking powder and baking soda
pinch of salt
half a cup chocolate chip add more if love chocolate try not to add to much takes away from the taste of the bananas
Mix all ingredients together and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes, and turn oven down to 250 degrees and cook 10 more minutes
If you want to leave out the chocolate chips do so it will be just a banana type bread which is delicious too.

Here is my recipe for the Perfect no-bake

2 cups of sugar
3 tablespoons of cocoa powder
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup butter
mix all ingredients together all ingredients will melt down to liquid looks like chocolate syrup let come to a rapid boiler once boiling heavily I count to 10 and take off burner
add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1/2 cup peanut butter
2 and 1/2 cups of quick oats make sure they are quick oats
stir well and take spoonful of cookie mix( will be runny slightly) and place on aluminum foil until set
I Love these cookies and all my family and extended family do too:)
I do always use name brand peanut butter like Jif and sugar(Domino)
and cocoa is name brand too Hersheys or Nestle the oats I do use are generic because they really are that good and they sell them at the Dollar General store.

Hope you enjoy some recipes I have shared, and my new post coming up on a new recipe:)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Collection of my recipes:)Part 1

I have been so busy lately. With fireworks season and running the store which was an hour drive time there and an hour drive time home, and 10 hour working days for 14 days straight and even before that it was set up time, and now that it is finished. I am running 2 teens here and there, and everywhere...ugg...Well I am making a new recipe tomorrow which sounds really good and thought I will share its called a hashbrown omelet cassarole sounds sooo good. I will share about it tomorrow evening. I thought I would share some of my recipes with you all, from some past post, its the past a lil silly I know...but here are some recipes for you..:)

Pizza Cassorole Yummy.....
Well, I must say this is my first post of a recipe... I made pizza cassarole which is really yummy........I forgot to take some pictures in between but what can I say I am new to the whole blogging, and learning:)
Pizza Cassarole
1. 1 pound of ground chuck- I went over a pound a lil
2. A half a bag of 16oz wide egg noodles
3. 2 small jars or cans of favorite pizza sauce or make
your own( I do quick way:))
4. Peppers and Onions diced( toppings u like optional
cooked sausage, bacon, ham, etc.)
5. 1 bag of 16oz mozz. cheese
6. 1 small pack of pepperoni
Heat oven to 350 degrees. Fry hamburger and boil noodles, I added peppers and onion diced to meat mixture as it was frying, and boiled my egg noodles. Of course drain both items as they are fully cooked, start layering part. Put egg noodles down in cassarole dish, poor meat mixture over noodles, also any other toppings you may want to add that you cooked,like chopped bacon or sausage, ham pour some pizza sauce over the meat mixture or any topping you have added over meat mixture, add cheese and pepperoni, and then repeat the same layer. Bake at 350 for about 30- 40 minutes depending on how dark you like your cheese on top.

Cherry Square Sponge Cake
I made some Cherry Squares and were they ever good.....You can make them with blueberry,apple,etc filling and its quick and easy to make. Very few ingredients.
Cherry Square Sponge Cake
take 2 sticks of blue bonnett butter, (I bake alot with it, and is my favorite) but you could use any oleo you want.

1 and a half cups of regular sugar

take butter and sugar and mix well with mixer

then add 4 eggs adding 1 at a time, until light and fluffy

after done mixing in eggs add 1 tablespoon of vanilla and mix

then add 2 cups of flower mixing in flour a lil at a time, it will look like cake batter smooth

take batter and spread on your greased and floured pan like a long cookie sheet this cake is made thinner and does not rise like regular cake

after spread out take a knife and mark 4 rows down and 5 rows across to measure out, take pie filling and add into the center of each square

bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes lil longer depending on your stove

when they come out of oven sprinkle powder sugar on them, cut into squares and wrap with clear wrap when cool.

Easy Meatloaf Recipe
I was thinking of what to make for supper yesterday, so I thought I got some things on hand, I will throw together a meatloaf, nothing fancy, just plain ole meatloaf, I don't get into all the fancy items one may put in there meatloaf. I stick to the basic and with 2 picky teens nothing fancy is just what they like, they seem to love my basic meatloaf. So I think I will stick to my basic easy meatloaf, as it is a hit with my family.:)

Basic Easy Meatloaf

2 and half pds lean ground beef

small pepper and some onion (depending on how much you like)

2 eggs

1 package ( as in package I mean 1 of the 4 that come in the box) of regular saltine crackers adding a few more if necessary-I have used Ritz crackers too and that is also good

ketchup after I have my mixture mix together I add ketchup and mix it in too

After you place in pan form out your meatloaf mixture, I use baking pan not loaf pans thats just me I then add bacon on top (optional)

You can add strips of bacon on top to flavor into your meatloaf, however I did not have any when making my meatloaf this time so I had to pass by that ingredient this time

So I take my meat, pepper, onion mix together then add crackers and mix together, and eggs and mix, and then pour ketchup all over top, mix together. After you put in your baking pan and form your meatloaf add a lil ketch up on top. Bacon too if you have it :) I also add ketch up after it is done cooking on top our family likes ketchup on everything, and serve

Trust me your hands will be messy all through this recipe..:)

Bake at 350, for about 2 hours, depending on your stove.

There you have it my quick, throw together meatloaf I made, nothing fancy, but it sure was good.

Easy Crescent Rolls Smore Muffins YUM!!!:)
I made these last night and they were a huge hit with the family. I thought I would share the recipe and some pictures.

Smore Crescent Roll Muffins

2 cans of crescent rolls

16 large marshmallow

2-3 milk chocolate bars( Hershey)

half cup butter

1 package graham crackers (crushed)

Put 1 marshmallow on the shortest side of crescent roll triangle and top 2 pieces of chocolate bar on top marshmallow, start with shortest side and roll fold corners of dough over chocolate and marshmallow,pinch dough to seal. Make sure the marshmallow and chocolate are completely covered by the dough and that it is sealed. Dip the dough which will resemble an odd shaped ball with butter or brush with butter, and roll in graham cracker crumbs to coat. Makes 16 smore muffins

Place in greased muffin cups at 375 degrees for 15-18 minutes or golden brown, serve warm. Make sure to put muffin cups on cookie sheet:)They look like a graham cracker muffin but the surprise inside o so good..:)

Vanilla/Chocolate Chip Cake Mix Cookies
1 box vanilla cake mix
2 eggs
1/2 cup vegetable oil
2 tbsp of water
mix top 4 ingredients together then add
half a bag of semi sweet chocolate morsels
Preheat oven to 350' place cookie batter in rounded teaspoon full on ungreased cookie sheet
Bake for 9 minutes, everyones stove are a lil different so just check:)
TA-DA Easy Recipe for some fast cookies...

ENJOY, hope you make a recipe from one of the ones I shared. Love to see if you do:)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Your A Winner!! Just don't think I'll send the prize, has that ever happened to you???

I have won several items through blogging, and don't get me wrong...I think its great that blogs give away to their followers so many GREAT prizes, its great for the sponsor that sponsors the prize, and the blog itself to get new followers. I LOVE entering giveaways, and get all giddy when I win. Then I wait anxiuosly to receive my prize.......and wait........and wait....... 2 months on 1 prize and 6 weeks on another, a month on another. They are usually handmade things, well it seems lately I have waited for several items a couple in fact that have never sent their prize in months. I take the time follow there blog, and LOVE their blogs, and they never send the prize, maybe since they are a big blog, they feel they don't have to send there prize, I don't know...ummm ok... well these couple blogs are bigger blogs, and they are well known, and it upsets me, and is NOT right!! When I giveaway on my blog, as you might know, I give away gift cards, and I sponsor all my prizes. I send out immediately. These are my followers that have won, and I value them and appreciate them following me, it means something so much to me:) I don't know...I am not trying to be rude, and if it comes off that way I am truely sorry, but this is how I feel........... I want to say there are some GREAT blogs, and I have received A LOT of my prizes, and they are great prizes at that:) I guess the point here is...........Don't get to EXCITED when you see your just might NOT get your prize, and it can be sad:(........and upsetting.........

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I am back!!! A HUGE giveaway going on soon!!! Over 100 blogs participating!!

I am back after a long almost 2 week break from blogging. I had to work at my brothers firework store every day 13 days straight no days off, and 10-13 hour days. I am so tired, and so behind on cleaning the house. I went grocery shopping today we had no food left literally, with me working at the store, hubby working his regular job then going to the fireworks store to help out there was No time to do or get anything. My mother in law helped make sure kids got to were they needed to go as far as open gyms, son had a basketball camp, daughter had volleyball. I am thankful we are back to bein a regular family again:) I got caught up on some house work today, got some grocery shopping done, and went to library to return some over due I forgot about too:) I am glad to be bloggin again:) I So Missed All My Bloggin FRIENDS!!

I got an e-mail the other day, I am so excited about. I am participating in the Christmas in July Blog Hop!! Wait till you see what I am giving away:) Its a SECRET but great prizes, and a gift card too. I hope you come back and join in the fun:)

I am Super Excited about my favorite things giveaway the week of my birthday of August 13th kinda like Oprah's favorite things but mine will consist of gift card to fav store, beauty, household items, new movie all my favorite things a giveaway every day for the week of my birthday:) However don't expect any trips or 200 dollar pajamas Well glad to be back, and glad you stopped by:).......