From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!

From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!
From My House..To Your House..Welcome!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas meaning-from a 13 year old:)

I am Happy the Holidays are over, well almost, the next few days will be unwinding as a we wind down from the Holidays:) Well, my hubby had to be back to work today so he gets No real time to wind down, back to 6 day work weeks and 10-12 hour days:(.... I wanted to share a quick story about something my daughter told me. She got tons of presents, cds, perfume, purse, so on so on,stereo system,curlers.........on and on..... She told me that her favorite gift of all was not all she got from everyone material wise, her favorite gift was that that was given to her by her great-grandma who is over 80 years old, a beautiful blanket with her name, school name, and graduation date. She tells her that even if she does not make it too graduation she will have somethin from her, and Joli is the most soft hearted lil gal, and takes right after the sweetest lady I have ever been blessed to have known, my hubby;s grandma. She loves everyone, she(my daughter) made it known that is the best gift ever!!! She shared it to her friends on facebook, verbally to other loved ones. It's not often when a teenager can bring a dose of reality to an adult but that was a definate one for me. We are Christians and believe in giving, and Jesus is the true meaning of Christmas, I think he uses Children as gifts to many to learn from even at their young age. I believe that in so many ways..........I Love that the Lord has blessed me with SO much, and that my daughter can bring a dose of reality to me, its not material things that matter, its all about love<3 SOMETIMES in the present bought world we live in material things for show are what makes people happy, look at my ring, my laptop, my north face coat, my new shoes, louis vuitton on so on............. I am glad that I have raised my daughter to know what is really meaningful. I thank you Lord for sending her to me, and I thank you for all that I have been given, and for always finding away to make sure that I know you are around(in this case I believe it was the message sent through my daughter ) I thank you all for stopping at my blog today, and hope you understand my lil message I received from my daughter, and sometimes I could use a reality check in this department, material things don't matter...... and I got your message Lord........ It's Love.........

My daughter Joli and her Great Grandma

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Missing In Action!! Giveaway Winner!!

I had to take a break from blogging for so many reasons. I am gonna try and get back to it becasue I sure miss it. Its been a long few weeks since my last post, round of flu in our house hold, sons basketball games, searching for a new car, and so much here and there. I also have been havin alot of problems hurting in my back, and I finally just made a doctors appointment for it, and it is Monday of next week. After almost 2 years of not going to the doctors. I finally picked up the phone and made an appointment, thats how bad my back pain is and it hurts:( I am really excited for the Holidays, I would like to post some pictures to share my Holiday decor and tree with you all. I think I will take some pictures today and get that up tomorrow. I am hoping to make a few of my cookie recipes and peanut butter fudge for the Holidays if I can because of my back. I will keep my fingers crossed. Now I am so sorry about my delay of my giveaway winner, its just been as I stated a LONG few weeks, and I forgot to announce my winner...........according to winner is #11 affectioknit said... I'm following you on Twitter too!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I will be e-mailing you to get your goodie out to you, and your $15 Target gift card. As always thanks for following my blog, and I am sure I will be back to my ole bloggin self, bare with me. I am off to take some pictures of the house now, will share my Holiday items around the house tomorrow:) See you real soon.........