From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!

From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!
From My House..To Your House..Welcome!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Saving Money While I Am Couponing :)

I have been couponing for awhile now and all the things I get for a cheap price, I clip, and clip, and print, and print :)I have really enjoyed couponing and saving money. I love saving money, and since I am a stay at home mom. I have got to find ways to cut spending. I don't have to have fancy things, I like second hand, and sometimes I splurge and buy nice things, mostly for my teenagers :) I have decided that when I use a coupon and how my recipt shows you saved this much on the bottom of the receipt, that the amount I saved I will use that money I saved and just put it into our savings. I think that be cool, I saved the money using coupons and if I wouldn't have used the coupon I wouldn't have saved, so why not put the money I did save into our savings, and I feel proud of that. I thank you for stopping by and be sure and check out my other post. I love sharing ideas, recipes, and thrifty finds with my fellow blogging friends.

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  1. Hi Michelle, just dropped in from the Ultimate Blog Party. I too use coupons on every shopping trip. Here in Houston one of the major food store chains announced that as of the 13th of this month they will no longer be doubling and tripling coupons.

    Something that I'm sure will hit many family budgets.