From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!

From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!
From My House..To Your House..Welcome!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our family is strong believers AGAINST animal cruelty!!

My family has been against animal cruelty and have been proud supporters of our local organization Pound Partners for many years. My daughter donates her report card money, and we spent hundreds, to thousand donating money, provide food, treats, and misc to local shelters, to help abused, neglected, and unwanted animals. My daughter visits the pound in the summer walks dogs with myself and sometimes takes friends, and she often says she wants to be able to help all animals. I am proud to say my kids love animals and value them as much as my husband and I. We can help to provide some sort of love to the animal we visit even if its only for 10 minutes, or by providing food and money, to show we care. I like to share a comment I wrote and shared to try to pass stronger laws to punish animal cruelty here in Ohio!

People need to be accountable for harming animals. Abuse is awful to think about let alone have to suffer through. When abuse occurs to human beings it effects that person for the rest of there life, and yes they do have the choice to leave but some are so in fear that they can't. With animals they too are effected by abuse and know they do have feelings too. The effects of not being loved and being starved or beaten is an everlasting effect, but can be overcame by love and compassion,hope, and no more fear. They do not have ANY option to leave the abuse they do not have that ability. Lawmakers can help though, because we do have the ability to punish those that harm animals so that animals receive JUSTICE too. Animals Rights need to be looked at, abuse is not exceptable in any form, Even to mans best friend!

I am proud of how I raise my kids and sooooooooooo proud of how they love and work and support animals, willing to give up a video game, a new outfit, they rather help an animal with that money. We are not a wealthy family at ALL, but we can be PROUD of how we help in a cause that we support. Not, Having a fancy car doesn't bother me its well used 100 thousand miles paint coming off, a house NOT filled with prize posessions flashy things, I will pass take second hand and yard sale finds. Our family is not made up in jewlery and have fancy i-phones,i-pads,laptops, no not our family. We have less but can be proud of what we have given and accomplished for the animals. Our family has so much more than all those things! We share so much LOVE in our family for the 4 legged friends that many disregard. I see the Blessings we have given and am proud to have done what we have done as a family, and proud of what we have learned and showed as a FAMILY!!!

An animal that was rescued from the Noble County family that starved the animals, she was saved from Applacian SPCA in ohio, and look at her now the before and after pictures are amazing. We as a family donated money to help the rescue of several dogs including this one taken from their owners!! We helped as a family even though it was not all we would like to have. WE HELPED AND THAT IS WHAT MATTERS!!!

Look how skinny when brought to shelter, and look how she looks now after being in the shelter!!!

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