From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!

From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!
From My House..To Your House..Welcome!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentine Cupcake Liner Trees-Cute Craft!!!

I just made the cutest craft I wanted to share with you, it was really cheap, and easy to make. I got all the items at the Dollar Tree, and was less than 5 dollars to make 2. I bought 2 styofoam cones, 2 different color design cupcake liners and they came with heart toppers that I use to stick in the styrofoam trees. I also got some heart sticks and use them to stick down inside the trees. This is an Easy craft, and my daughter help me make them, she made 1, I made 1. We shared the glue gun I think I am gonna invest in getting her her own glue gun, she likes makin crafts too. The trees are easy to make and here is the details.....
Take the cupcake liners and cut the center of the liner out, it will leave the edge that is rippled and glue around the tree, you may have to add another liner according to the size of the cone, cut to desired length.
I used 2 different design liners to make it have a little different layer look, you can use 1 design if thats all you have, or more than 2 like I had. I bet more liners to use the more it will stand out. The Dollar Tree didn't have a whole lot to choose from. Glue the liners rotating the design up the tree until you reach the top. Then add the picks I used the ones that came with the cupcake liners. I got both of in a set for a $1.00. I took 1 of the large heart sticks and stuck in the top of the tree. That is it really simple, and they really are cute, and you can make any design for any occassion. Take a look at my pictures. I also made some cute centerpieces for Valentine's Day decor. I will share them Monday so come back and check those out too. I am Happy to finally be getting back in the routine of blogging. I have missed it so much this last month, with being Super Busy. I have sure missed all my bloggers, my friends. Look for my next giveaway coming up in February. Now to the pics and Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Note Flash was not the greatest in these pictures.

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