From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!

From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!
From My House..To Your House..Welcome!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Belated Valentine's Day. Rambling Message Included.

I wanted to stop by and tell all my blogging friends I know its late but Happy belated Valentine's Day. I was so busy with work I never got a chance to tell you all. I have been working two jobs and feel like I rarely remember anything anymore. I definately need post it notes to remind me of daily things now. I have been busy at my dads restaurant working 4-5 days week, plus my 2 days I have always worked 9-5 at my brothers store. With track time soon approaching I don't want to miss my daughter run at meets, so I am hoping to cut back to make sure I don't miss all that. What else is new you may ask... I really would like to put our home up for sale and move to the city beside us, you see my daughter is opened enrolled and attends the school in that district, and my son who is finishing his Junior year, will soon be approaching his Senior and last year of High School, he attends Vocational School for power lineman anyways so he really doesn't care if we move. Plus its easy on all of us. My huisband's work in the same town, my sons work, my daughters school, and closer for me to the restaurant of my dads. I really want to move and housing prices and home sales are thriving in our area right now. A move like many other things is on my mind right now.

I am off from both jobs tomorrow and Thursday which is a much needed couple days off,  the house is in need of some loving care :) I am hoping to get to Kohl's too one of those days for some retail therpy. I have been wanting to check out the sales. I can't go crazy on spending as the washing machine is on the brink, my hubby truck is in need of some repairs, and I really need to find another vehicle so that I can quit putting so many miles on my new vehicle. So there you have it the long and terribly sorry drawn out message of my life  I am happy to say that the Netting family is all Happy and Healthy but it is hectic, but what family isn't.

I did take the time to decorated for my family on Valentine's Day... here are some pictures. Thanks for stopping by, and hope you have a GREAT non-stressful


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