From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!

From My House .. To Your House.. Welcome!!
From My House..To Your House..Welcome!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Wood Organizer Redo

I recently bought a wood organizer at a thrift store. It was just a plain wood organizer so I decided to paint it, and add some fabric. I found a table cloth also at a thrift store, and LOVED the design. So I cut some of it out and placed in the side of the organizer, and cut some birds and glued on too. The material is placed over a cork board area, that I can hang things on and still see the pattern. I hope you like I have enclosed some pictures, of the project nothing spectacular but I am proud of it :) As always thanks for stopping by and PLEASE send a friend. Happy 1st Day of Spring. SEE YA SOON..........

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Handmade Styrofoam Bunnies

The bunnies I made...Take A Look:)

Check out the Mr. and Mrs. Bunny I made. They are so cute, well I think so they are made from styrofoam come, and ball, and white, pink, and color of your choice for dress and top felt, small and large white balls, and wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners, of course a good glue gun, and ta-da they were made. I would love to make more of these. I enjoyed it :)I think they will look great sitting on my book shelf in the living room. I will try to tell you the best that I can how I made these. I also have pictures too show too. That way you might be able to make them too....:)

Have ready 4 white pipe cleaners, and laid out 8 white 1 inch balls, and 10 white half inch balls, and 4 3/4 inch white balls, and also 2 half inch pink balls for the bunnies noses. You will also have to have 4 wiggly eyes, and for Mrs.Bunny I added eye lashes with cutting a pair of plastic ones, however the eye lashes really are optional. Also have 2 small bows cut from a long strip of felt in cordinating color to match. Now to begin the part of cutting and laying out the material for the project.

1.cut out white felt for legs measuring 8 and a half inches long and 1 and a half ride make sure to cut them in a oval shape (curve) towards the bottom of leg.

2.cut out white felt arms measuring 4 and a half long by 1 and a half wide make them oval around bottom of arms, like a curve to them.

3.for dress just measure around the cone and make the dress according to the style you want, cut out dress using a felt color of your choice, you can also add curves to bottom of material to make it look fancy. And do the same to the Mr. bunny top measure with a cordinating color felt to match Mrs. Bunny dress.

4.for ears you will cut out white felt measuring 4 and half long by 1 and half wide, you will also cut out pink for center of ears measuring 3 and half long by 1 inch wide. The ears have to be shaped with a similarity of a tear drop I have a picture you can see below. cut out the lil green leaves for Mrs. Bunny dress just cut tiny lil tear pieces of green felt to make the leaves around a half inch to place on the bottom of Mrs. Bunny dress. the glueing and putting together can take place...first glue the styrofoam head and cone base together push so that the cone and base are pushed tightly together. form a tear dropped shape with the pipe cleaner to glue on white material too, the material should hang over the pipe cleaner, picture will be better to look at on this step. Then take the pink piece of material and attach to center of whites of ears. The pipe cleaner should be twisted at end and excess left over, and push down in the styrofoam that will make the ears stand up, next attach the dress to Mrs. Bunny glue into place around cone, and add the 3 half inch balls to top of dress and also add leaves around bottom of dress and place 4 more half inch balls in center of the leaves around dress( look at picture). Then procede to glue the arms and legs on, legs should dangle. Place a 1 inch ball at bottom of legs and bottom of arms. Add your eyes, eyelashes optional, and half inch pink ball for nose, and then take a 3/4 ball and place and glue on cheeks. Add the felt you cut into 2 long srtips and made into bows to bottom of Mrs. Bunny ears.
To begin Mr. Bunny follow same steps only thing that will be different is the top just make to fit around cone, and add 3 half inch white balls to top. I did add whiskers by his nose, I used 4 small pices I cut off from a broom. follow all steps to making Mrs. Bunny, I did make Mr. Bunny arm with it on his hip, I just used a pin and placed it there and stuck in styrofoam. I know the pictures will hlep better, I do hope you like it, It really is not complicated, its just a hard project to explain. I did try to explain the best I could.

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Here are the pictures......


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Belated Valentine's Day. Rambling Message Included.

I wanted to stop by and tell all my blogging friends I know its late but Happy belated Valentine's Day. I was so busy with work I never got a chance to tell you all. I have been working two jobs and feel like I rarely remember anything anymore. I definately need post it notes to remind me of daily things now. I have been busy at my dads restaurant working 4-5 days week, plus my 2 days I have always worked 9-5 at my brothers store. With track time soon approaching I don't want to miss my daughter run at meets, so I am hoping to cut back to make sure I don't miss all that. What else is new you may ask... I really would like to put our home up for sale and move to the city beside us, you see my daughter is opened enrolled and attends the school in that district, and my son who is finishing his Junior year, will soon be approaching his Senior and last year of High School, he attends Vocational School for power lineman anyways so he really doesn't care if we move. Plus its easy on all of us. My huisband's work in the same town, my sons work, my daughters school, and closer for me to the restaurant of my dads. I really want to move and housing prices and home sales are thriving in our area right now. A move like many other things is on my mind right now.

I am off from both jobs tomorrow and Thursday which is a much needed couple days off,  the house is in need of some loving care :) I am hoping to get to Kohl's too one of those days for some retail therpy. I have been wanting to check out the sales. I can't go crazy on spending as the washing machine is on the brink, my hubby truck is in need of some repairs, and I really need to find another vehicle so that I can quit putting so many miles on my new vehicle. So there you have it the long and terribly sorry drawn out message of my life  I am happy to say that the Netting family is all Happy and Healthy but it is hectic, but what family isn't.

I did take the time to decorated for my family on Valentine's Day... here are some pictures. Thanks for stopping by, and hope you have a GREAT non-stressful


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Wreath

I wanted to share the Valentine wreath I made with you all today. I thought it turned out really nice. Take a look. I used a straw wreath I left the plastic on the wreath mine was a lil over 12 inches wide. I also had 2 yards of RED material, however you can use what over material you want depending on your style and what occasion it is for. Since it was a Valentine's wreath I went with this plain red material it was the cheapest to buy since it had no designs. The best time to buy the material would be after that Holiday your making the wreath for. I will make a note of that next time :)  I cut 2 inch squares across and down, I use all of the 2 yards. After I took a round screw driver and in the middle of each square and push into the straw wreath, they fit snuggle tight and continue all around the wreath, it looks like rose petals to me. When I was finished I had places a heart felt garland that was banner liked connected and put on the wreath. Done. I hope you like and I will share pictures below, be sure to check back again, and send a friend, Thanks. XOXOXO

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Centerpiece & Valentine Decor Around My House

Valentine's Day is soon approaching and I wanted to share my decor around my home and to let you know I will be sharing my wreath I made tomorrow here on my blog, it turned out so cute. I have an exciting surprise for my family on Wednesday . I always decorate and do fun Valentines Day gift, and surprises. I have to work this Valentine's Day so I am going to do it Wednesday<3 I'll share pictures of that too. I am off to do more laundry at 9:00 at night because I have been so busy it seems like the only time I have anymore is night to get things done.

Pictures of Valentine Decor Around My Home <3

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Picture

I had this GREAT frame in the basement, and I was trying to come up with an idea to make something for Valentine's Day using it. I don't have alot of Valentine's decor but I have some, and I really loved this frame. So I made something with it. I had some ribbon(bought after Christmas sales), and a glitter piece of scrapbooking paper, and the frame. I only had to buy some 1.97 scrapbooking 3-D stickers. I glued ribbon around the outside of the mat, and placed a piece of black glitter scrapbooking on the back, and attached the stickers. IT was such and easy craft, and looks FANTASTIC on my shelf!! Check out the pictures below.....

Monday, February 4, 2013

Cherry Valentine Squares

Make some Valentine Cherry Squares with this GREAT recipe, I made some and they turned out really good, and taste awesome, great idea for a surprise to bake for your Valentine <3

I made some Cherry Squares and were they ever good.....You can make them with blueberry,apple,etc filling and its quick and easy to make. Very few ingredients.
Cherry Square Sponge Cake
take 2 sticks of blue bonnett butter, (I bake alot with it, and is my favorite) but you could use any oleo you want.

1 and a half cups of regular sugar

take butter and sugar and mix well with mixer

then add 4 eggs adding 1 at a time, until light and fluffy

after done mixing in eggs add 1 tablespoon of vanilla and mix

then add 2 cups of flower mixing in flour a lil at a time, it will look like cake batter smooth

take batter and spread on your greased and floured pan like a long cookie sheet this cake is made thinner and does not rise like regular cake

after spread out take a knife and mark 4 rows down and 5 rows across to measure out, take pie filling and add into the center of each square

bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes lil longer depending on your stove

when they come out of oven sprinkle powder sugar on them, cut into squares and wrap with clear wrap when cool.
You can also cut hearts using cookie cutters and have the cherry as the center of your heart <3

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